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Is the objective of those leaders to push forward without allowing anything irreversible to happen, or is it merely to be successful at imposing their agenda?

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Since October 1, the only thing that's been at stake politically is the validity of the Constitution in the territory of Catalonia. By making citizens into partners of their scripted crusade, they in turn will become characters that history will remember, not for having bravely safeguarded freedom, but instead for having frivolously endangered our chance for coexistence.

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  • Since they claim to speak in the name of Catalonia, in a certain light their proclaiming independence from Spain could seem like a democratic cause — except that, in addressing Spain in the name of Catalonia, they have ignored the will of Catalans who do not want independence , and there is nothing democratic about that will being ignored.

    Obviously, Catalan leaders can claim that this was the reason for calling the referendum, and it was the central government that prevented it.

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    But the fact that the central government prevented it still does not legitimize their use of public institutions as a means to further their own agenda , which is what they did when they decided to use a regional election as a plebiscite and when they legitimized those results in a local parliamentary session that once again completely ignored the will of Catalans who do not want independence.

    Their initiatives would never have prospered thus far had they met with something other than inaction from the central government, which they chose to interpret as resignation or indifference.

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  • This feckless attitude permitted them to advance not only in deeds, consolidating institutional positions that sooner rather than later will endanger civic peace in Catalonia and the rest of Spain, but has also reduced the chances of a strictly political response on behalf of those who reject independence. By not reacting politically within the Constitution, the central government, along with other parties that have have not been able to break the paralysis, are now forced to play politics with the Constitution, making it part of the program for Catalonia.

    The pro-independence agenda wants to have it repealed once and for all by de facto means, and the central government is one step away from upholding it through another instrument, Article The crisis in Catalonia is generating widespread bewilderment and even a sense of intoxication that in some cases is expressed as euphoria while in others it is closer to dread.

    Intoxication is not an ideal state for decision-making, especially when these decisions seem predicated on looking for ways to prove how deeply rooted the will for Catalan independence is, or to prove the strength of the Spanish state. José María Ridao.

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    Mariano Rajoy, during a recent interview where he insisted that Carles Puigdemont renounce the declaration of independence. Their initiatives would never have prospered thus far had they met with something other than inaction from the central government.

    These politicians will become characters that history will remember for having frivolously endangered our chance for coexistence. Where are we headed?